KAB Korean Adoptees in Belgium

KAB is a non-profit organization in Belgium. KAB aims to promote contacts and friendship between the Belgian and Korean peoples and also to offer support in order to help adoptees of Korean origin to begin the process of finding their birth family.
The association can propose actions, services and benefits that highlight the Korean Community. The decision-making members respect democratic values so as not to undermine the convictions of each. The Association is non-denominational, apolitical and non-union.

New association and also new logo. Vasco explains the concept around that logo: “They are 2 hands of friendship, a universal theme, friendship of languagelessness, friendship of 2 countries and friendship with the world.”

“Dear Kads, dear friends, dear brothers and sisters,

After 10 years of existence it was perhaps time to blow new life into this association .
A new dynamic team with many ideas to bring together people who love Korea. We are about 3700 adoptees in Belgium and would like to meet you during our activities. We hope to see you soon.

Team Korean Adoptees in Belgium.”