• KAB

    KAB Korean Adoptees in Belgium

    KAB is a non-profit organization in Belgium. KAB aims to promote contacts and friendship between the Belgian and Korean peoples and also to offer support in order to help adoptees of Korean origin to begin the process of finding their birth family.
    The association can propose actions, services and benefits that highlight the Korean Community. The decision-making members respect democratic values so as not to undermine the convictions of each. The Association is non-denominational, apolitical and non-union.

    New association and also new logo. Vasco explains the concept around that logo: “They are 2 hands of friendship, a universal theme, friendship of languagelessness, friendship of 2 countries and friendship with the world.”

    Word of the President

    Frédérick – KAB President

    “Dear Kads, dear friends, dear brothers and sisters,

    After 10 years of existence it was perhaps time to blow new life into this association .
    A new dynamic team with many ideas to bring together people who love Korea. We are about 3700 adoptees in Belgium and would like to meet you during our activities. We hope to see you soon.

    Team Korean Adoptees in Belgium.”


  • KAB News & Events

    12 November 2023 – Korean Adoptee’s Day

    On November 9th, it is World Adoption Day.

    « What is #WorldAdoptionDay?

    #WorldAdoptionDay is a day to lift up all voices in the adoption community, to share your story, to reflect on your adoption journey and to connect with those touched by adoption. Every adoption journey is different but most stories often start from a painful place where a mother and a child are tragically separated.» (World Adoption Day)

    On this occasion, KAB is pleased to invite you to an afternoon of reflection and sharing on the journey of adopted Koreans. This experience will be approached from the perspective of everyday racism towards the Asian community, its impact on the daily lives of adoptees, their social, professional, and emotional relationships, as well as the consequences for integration.

    When : November 12, 2023, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
    Where : 4 Rue de la Régence, 1000 Brussels
    Details : Free entry with prior registration via email: contact@k-a-b.be

    Registration closes on October 31, 2023

    2:00 pm – Welcome
    2:10 pm – President’s speech
    2:15 pm – Introduction
    2:25 pm – Dialogue between Sung-Shim Courier, journalist at l’Echo and author of the podcast/audio creation “Vous avez eu tous les visages,” and Shahin Mohammad, consultant and speaker on inclusion and diversity
    3:15 pm – Open debate for all and Q&A session
    4:45 pm – Drinks and relaxation moment

    2 December 2023 Korean GALA (FULL)

    – Registrations are currently full –

    With great pleasure, we invite you to our ‘Korean Gala’ organized in partnership with the Korean Community on Saturday, December 2, 2023, at 5:30 PM at Chalet du Laerbeek (Avenue du Laerbeek, 145 – 1090 Jette).

    As the number of seats is limited to 120, they are likely to be reserved quickly.

    You can register via our email address contact@k-a-b.be by mentioning:

    • GALA
    • Last Name – First Name
    • Number of adult seats
    • Number of children and/or student seats

      If you are a contributing member of KAB (with up-to-date membership fees)
      Upon receipt of your full payment to account number BE34 7340 6719 0390, we will confirm your reservation by email. The early registrants will be served first.

    If there are no more seats available when you make your payment, you will be added to a reserve list and notified by email. You will, of course, be refunded if necessary.

    Reservations will be closed on November 24.

    For parking, we recommend parking along Avenue de Laerbeek (please be cautious, as this road is not illuminated in the evening and at night).

    Google Maps: Chalet du Laerbeek

    You will find the prices, practical information, and the detailed program for the evening below.

    A friendly, festive evening with a touch of magic is guaranteed.

    Dress code: Evening attire or Hanbok.

    We look forward to welcoming many of you!

    2023 IKAA Korea Gathering – Opening Ceremony Video

    2023 IKAA Korea Gathering – Opening Ceremony Video

    This video showcases the @IKAA_org network and their partner organizations, as well as their multidecade long histories of providing support and services for the Korean adoptee community across the US, Europe and Australia.

    It was created as a celebration of the 6th IKAA Korea Gathering held in July 2023 in Seoul, with more than 450 attendees from 19 countries! The IKAA Korea Gathering is the world’s largest global Korean adoptee conference.

    Check out ikaa.org for more information.

    2 December 2023: KAB Gala dinner + spectacle with the Korean community

    Note already the date 2 dec!

    (details soon…)

    12 November 2023 12h-19h: Day of the adoptee, conference / debate at the KCC in Brussels

    (details soon…)

    7 October 2023 19h Braine l’Alleud: KAB Diner & Bowling

    Restaurant and bowling evening on Saturday 7 October at 7 p.m. in Braine-l’alleud. The evening will be co-organized by facebook group Fans de Corée with K-A-B: Korean Adoptees in Belgium.
    Where: The world is small. Buffet at 7:00 p.m.
    Then BowlFactory at 10 p.m. 2 parts.
    Registration via facebook:


    6 October 2023 18h-19h: KAB General Assembly

    (details soon…)

    1 October 2023 Chuseok Dinner

    KAB is co-organizing a Chuseok lunch with our friends from Kapero on Sunday, October 1st.

    Location: Cafeteria Le Bardok in Malines. Catered by Table d’Ho in Antwerp.

    Program: 12:00 PM – Arrival, 12:15 PM – Speech, 12:30 PM – Buffet, 1:30 PM – Quiz.

    €35 for non-member adults without beverages.
    €27 for adult members without beverages.
    €19 for children under 12 without beverages.

    Click on the link below to register to the event :


    13 August 2023: KAB BBQ at Bois des Rêves

    Pictures of this event on 13/08/2023

    KAB’s pictures (by Sunwoo)

    Video: https://www.facebook.com/437351358150776/videos/250540597803437/

    Reunion after 49 years! Soon and Tim arrived in Belgium the same day

    11 August 2023: The KAB team met the new Ambassador of Korea in Belgium M. Ryu Jeonghyun and the Vice-Consul Mrs. Jun Misun, to discuss future collaborations.

    Pictures of this event on 11/08/2023

    KAB’s pictures (by Sunwoo)

    10 July 2023: The KAB delegation is now in Seoul for the IKAA gathering!

    Fred’s Angels (Valérie, Sarah, Souki)

    We’re excited to announce the next IKAA Korea Gathering taking place July 10th to 16th, 2023 at COEX and other venues in Seoul, Korea. Held every three years, the Korea Gathering is a unique opportunity to explore Korea while connecting with the global adoptee community. Explore new ways to discover and engage with Korea, lift up diverse adoptee stories and experiences, and facilitate connections and understanding. Thousands from over 15+ countries have attended past Gatherings. You can expect some similar programming from previous years, but we will also be making exciting new changes!

    The theme of the IKAA Gathering 2023 is Rethinking What’s Possible. International adoption from Korea is approaching 70 years old and Korean adoptee-led organizations have existed for over 35 years. The community has come a long way in grassroots community building, post adoption services, and advocacy. Today, we continue to see adoptees discovering the community and widespread digital technologies have enabled adoptees to find, connect, and collaborate in ways that weren’t before possible.

    Pictures of this event on 10/07/2023

    KAB’s pictures (by Sarah)

    7 July 2023: KAB is now on Instagram ! https://www.instagram.com/korean_adoptees_in_belgium/

    2 July 2023: KAB has the pleasure to announce that Sandra joined the KAB team as Treasurer, and Maryse joined the KAB team as Event Manager, Michael (who was already in the team) becomes the IT Manager. Welcome to all 💐, let’s do fantastic things together!

    Top: Sarah (Public relation) and Michael (IT). Below: Myriam (Secretary), Maryse (Event Manager), Sandra (Treasurer) (not on this picture but in the team: Frederick, Valérie, Sunwoo, Ran, Tim)

    17-18 June 2023: The Korean Festival HALLYUTOWN 17-18 June was a huge succes!!,

    HALLYUTOWN will be celebrating everything Korean! You will get the chance to try korean food and snacks, get the smoothest skin with Korean skincare and enjoy the many cultural aspects from this amazing country!

    Pictures of this event on 17/06/2023

    KAB’s pictures (by Tim)

    Pictures of this event on 17/06/2023 (part 2)

    KAB’s pictures (by Sunwoo)

    Videos from RTL Television over Hallyu Town, featuring Frédérick and Evelyn from KAB !!



    12 June 2023: a new testimonial video of Sunwoo has been broadcasted on Korean TV YTN: watch it here (as well as the previous ones from Laure, Minjin, Kisuk, Sunny, Frédérick, Sarah)

    3 June 2023: Korean Bazaar – Wezembeek-Opem

    Korean Bazaar – June 3rd – Wezembeek-Opem 🇰🇷🇧🇪🌞

    Event organized by the Korean community

    Pictures of this event on 03/06/2023

    KAB’s pictures (by Sunwoo)

    29 May 2023: Korean Language Courses 2023/2024 in Brussels (KCC). Info, schedule and registration: https://brussels.korean-culture.org/en/646/board/438/read/123052

    25 May 2023: Inauguration of the new korean restaurant ANJU in Brussels 🇰🇷

    Michelin-starred chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre opens a restaurant in Brussels devoted to Korean cuisine, “Anju”

    “Anju” is a “casual” bistro style, with Korean codes, surprises, fun and above all taste.

    “I designed the restaurant menu and created the recipes that will be followed to the letter by the team in place. I will remain the guarantor of the quality of the cuisine of chef Victor, who has become familiar with the tastes, but also with the elegance and purity of Korean cuisine My trip to Korea inspired me for the restaurant, but it also comforted me in the concept.

    Several Korean dishes will be served, of course with homemade kimchi (fermented cabbage). Anju refers to a meal during which one eats dishes accompanied by drinks. I also create the wine and spirits list, with soju and makgeolli. The latter is a drink that is similar to a wine and enhances a dish. Also worth trying is cheongju, which is considered a wine since it results from the sedimentation of makgeolli to harvest the translucent part.”

    Where? Rue de la Source 73, 1060 Saint-Gilles

    The Anju restaurant was inaugurated on May 25, in the presence of the Korean ambassador, many journalists and friends, as well as the KAB team.

    Pictures of this event on 25/05/2023

    KAB’s pictures (by Sunwoo)

    13 May 2023 11h: Sport day with the Korean community 🇰🇷

    on 13 May 11h Parc Malou

    Badminton, Softarchery, Pétanque, Volley, Onewheel (demo), drawing contest for the children.

    Pictures of this event on 13/05/2023

    KAB’s pictures (by Sunwoo)

    16 April 2023: KAB has the pleasure to announce that Myriam joined the KAB team as secretary. 💐Welcome Myriam!

    📢KAB is still looking for a treasurer

    14 April 2023: Travel in Korea August 2023 for KAB members in partnership with Racines Coréennes of France, all info here

    12 April 2023: 2023 OKFriends Homecoming Youth Camp, OKF program summer 2023 for young people 18-25 at university, 1 week in Korea in July 18 – July 25 (7 nights, 8 days) -OR- August 1 – August 8 (7 nights, 8 days), completely free for adoptees and children of adoptees (flight, hotel, transportation, meals). register rapidly, more info here

    10 April 2023: 2 new testimonial videos from Sarah and Frédérick have been broadcast on Korean TV: watch them here (as well as the previous ones from Laure, Minjin, Kisuk, Sunny)

    11 March 2023: KAB organized its first restaurant event. It was very pleasant to meet old friends and also meet new members and friends. KAB gathered more than 50 peoples, and had special guests from the Korean Community, the Korean Cultural Center and the Korean Consulate. #Korean food #good mood #friendship #raffle #presentation of KAB.

    Pictures of this event on 11/03/2023

    KAB’s pictures (by Sunwoo)

    16 February 2023: as from today you can register as member of KAB, thank you for your support! Register here.

    12 February 2023: KAB co-organized its first event, the screening of the film “Retour à Seoul” followed by a debate with Laure Badufle, the person who inspired the film’s script. This event was a great success with many participants, a very good film, a moving story, a very interesting debate, and a great atmosphere.

    February 12, 13h45, Brussels cinéma Palace. New movie “Retour à Séoul” in the presence of Laure Badufle, the person who inspired the screenplay of the movie. 🍿🥤

    Laure Badufle

    RETURN TO SEOUL, Davy Chou

    FR/BE/KR, 119′, 2022, VO ST FR/NL

    The Palace is pleased to organize a film-debate around the film RETURN TO SEOUL. The meeting will take place at the end of the film in the presence of Laure Badufle (who inspired the screenplay of the film by Davy Chou, the director) and will be moderated by Frédérick Van Der Plassche of the association KAB, Korean Adoptees in Belgium.

    The meeting will be in French.

    Synopsis: On a whim, 25-year-old Freddie returns for the first time to South Korea, where she was born. The young woman sets off with ardor in search of her origins in this country which is foreign to her, tipping her life in new and unexpected directions.

    Pictures of this event on 12/02/2023

    KAB’s pictures (by Sunwoo)

    31 January 2023: 7pm Brussels, Palace: New movie “Retour à Séoul” Avant-première

    26 January 2023: KAB – Korean Adoptees in Belgium is the new name of the Korean adoptees Association in Belgium, which replaces the previous Association BAK. It starts its activities very soon in February 2023. Please check all the planned activities here below on this website. A new team is active. Come and join us! We will be very happy to meet you!




Korean lessons

  • Korean language lessons

    Korean language lessons given by Ran Choi

    Our KAB Korean teacher Ran Choi gives Korean language lessons, it is online for individual or group. Price for individual teaching is 30 EUR per hour and 25 EUR per hour for the KAB members. Prices for group lessons are negotiable. Contact Ran for more information : ranana.tablet@gmail.com .

    Ran has a facebook group for Korean language students : Joayo Corée

    Self-study for free

    You can easily learn Korean for free at your own pace.

    We recommend some Youtube channels:

    learn korean 365

    JW Korea TV


    Learn Korean 101

    Talk to me in Korean

    Korean full course

    YoungYoon Korean (dialogue)

    Very good App to learn Korean that I recommend: “Kimiko coréen” [app in French] and “TOPIK” (search in Play Store or Apple)

    An excellent tool to watch videos & K-dramas with 2 languages sub-titles: “Language Reactor”

    This is a Chrome free extension (plug-in): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/language-reactor/hoombieeljmmljlkjmnheibnpciblicm/related

    It works with Netflix and Youtube

    When you place your mouse on a word that you don’t know you have the translation of this specific word, and the video pauses automatically, just move out the mouse and the video continues. This is awsome!

    Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (G.O.A.’L)

    Korean language scholarschip to study in Seoul (usually 30-50% off if you register through GOA’L) https://goal.or.kr/scholarship/

    Some additional information (to help those interested, the information below applies to +/- all Korean universities):

    • Typically 10 weeks and 200 hours lessons, 4 hours a day (what they call “semester” is actually a term or 3 months). There are 6 levels (2 beginners, 2 intermediate, 2 advanced), so 1.5 years in all, but of course you go as far as you want.
    • Normal price is +/- 1400 USD per semester (tuition only).
    • Up to 50% off, so very interesting.
    • Discount only for GOA’L members, so for adoptees, max for 2 semesters at the same university.
    • Language programs open for men/women even in universities for women.
    • The application process is quite difficult from an administrative point of view, so start the process on time, I advise you to collect the required documents even before the application period opens. Example, if you graduated from university, ask for a graduation certificate signed by your university, then it must be legalized by the regional ministry of higher education (requires an appointment), then have it apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (requires an appointment), then have it translated into English or Korean by a legal translator, and the translation must be legalized, then send it per mail to the university in Korea. They do not accept photocopies or scans, and no documents can be sent by email. For a high school diploma, same process but must be apostilled by the Korean consulate, for which you have to make an appointment online, which can sometimes take 1 week. The total cost of the administration steps is 100-200 Eur, and add 100-200 Eur if you need express delivery like DHL, Fedex.
    • If you study only 1 semester (= 10 weeks) then you do not need a visa (Europeans can stay in Korea up to 90 days without a visa), but for longer periods it is advisable to have a student visa D-4. To obtain this visa, you must register for at least 2 semesters (and pay all semesters in advance), it is also necessary to have a certificate from your bank stating that you have at least 10,000 USD in your account ( not a simple screenshot, it must be signed by the bank and in English).
    • If you are an adoptee, then you can apply for a F4 visa, which is more interesting than the other visas (study or work). It is valid for 2 years and can be renewed/extended easily. You just need an adoption certificate, a criminal record check (just ask your municipality, no translation required), a valid passport (min 6 months), a photo, then book an apointment at the consulate, it costs less than 100 EUR.
    • This administrative complexity is unrelated to the GOA’L scholarship. This is generally the case for all foreign students applying to a Korean university.
    • Hope this helps, good luck!

    Nest Korea

    Nest Korea is offering the 한글공부방 Korean Language Class! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

    More info: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=642782274517831&set=a.395805255882202

    Looking to get started with Korean or improve your language skills without putting a dent in your budget?

    National Center for the Rights of the Child (NCRC), together with King Sejong Institution Foundation (KSIF), is providing again free Korean courses to overseas adoptees living in Korea!

    The applicant should:

    -have a visa that allows them to stay in the country for the time of the course

    -be able to commit to a minimum of 80% class attendance

    More information:


    Application form:


    Application deadline is June 16 (KST).

    For further inquiries, please contact NCRC’s Lee Hyun-Jin

    ☎ 02-6454-8697


    #한국어🙋‍♂️Always wanted to be able to watch K-dramas without subtitles? Or understand the lyrics of your favorite K-pop song? 🙋

    📣 Apply for the Korean Language courses of the year 2023/2024!

    The courses will run from the fifth week of August 2023 to the second week of June 2024, totaling 30 classes, which will include exams and various Korean cultural experiences.

    📌 [ Registration ] June 26 – June 28, from 6 PM to 8 PM 📌

    ✏️How to register: registrations must be done in person at the Korean Cultural Center located at Regentschapsstraat 4 Rue de la Regence, 1000 Brussels.

    ❗️ Places are LIMITED and are on a first come first served basis. (Max. 20 students per class.)

    📌 [ Pre-registration ] 📌

    • Pre-registration is only available for those who have passed the level test for the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 terms with an attendance rate of 70 percent or higher.

    • The Korean Cultural Center will send individual emails in mid-June to those who meet these criteria. We will not accept any other lists or registrations outside of this process.

    👉 For more detailed info (payment, class schedule, books, etc. ) see: https://brussels.korean-culture.org/…/438/read/123052

    >> Update: beginner course was already sold out after 30 min!

    Korean language course for adoptees living in Korea – fall 2023


    Korean Language Class in Waterloo every Saturday (4h)


Movie & K-drama

  • Movie & K-drama
    Movie “Retour à Séoul” Synopsis: On a whim, 25-year-old Freddie returns for the first time to South Korea, where she was born. The young woman sets off with ardor in search of her origins in this country which is foreign to her, tipping her life in new and unexpected directions. Released: February 8, 2023 Interview …

Music & K-pop

  • Music
    Top 10 music in Korea: http://world.kbs.co.kr/service/musictop10.htm?lang=f&start_year=2022&rank_date=2022-07-10 [Arirang Special] Song So Hee (송소희), ‘Arirang Alone (홀로 아리랑)’ Feel the Rhythm of KOREA: SEOUL


  • Korean culture

    [pdf doc in French]

    Overseas adopted children returned as artists… ‘Homeland’ themed exhibition

    by Kimura Byol Lemoine, 13 April 2023

    To mark the 70th anniversary of overseas adoption, international adoptees will visit their home countries and hold an art exhibition at the National Assembly and Insa-dong for a month.

    The Arts and Culture Association with Overseas Adoptees (KADU, CEO Park Chan-ho) held the opening ceremony of the ‘KADU Overseas Adopted Artist Exhibition’ at 3:00 pm on the 10th at the special exhibition hall in the 2nd lobby of the National Assembly Members’ Hall.

    This exhibition is co-hosted by Rep. Sujin Lee, Minjung Kang, and Seongju Kim from the Democratic Party of Korea, and independent members Hyeongbae Min and Mihyang Yoon, and KADU.

    At the opening ceremony, Rep. Soo-jin Lee (Dongjak-eul, Seoul) said, “This year marks the 70th anniversary of overseas adoption. We need to do our best in enactment and budgeting,” he demanded.

    Park Chan-ho, CEO of KADU, said, “It is not the fault of the adoptees that they do not know the Korean language or culture.”

    In the exhibition, 28 adoptees from 11 countries, including the United States, Germany, Canada, Denmark, France, Sweden, Belgium and Norway, will present 80 paintings, photographs, installation art, and videos on the theme of ‘motherland’. These works contain the pain experienced during the process of overseas adoption and the longing for the hometown. They plan to tell Korean audiences their stories as well.

    Until the 15th, it will be held at the special exhibition hall of the National Assembly Members’ Hall, and from the 19th to May 2nd, it will be moved to the Maru Art Center in Insa-dong. A conversation with the artist is also scheduled at 3:00 pm on the 23rd.

    In line with the exhibition, a forum will be held on the 21st at 2:00 p.m. at the National Assembly Members’ Hall with the theme of ’70 years of international adoption, rethinking international adoption’. On the 22nd, a traditional exorcism performance with the theme of ‘motherland’ will be held.

    Meanwhile, KADU also carries out volunteer activities such as giving Korean names to international adoptees and lighting candles of hope for overseas adoptees. Photographers Park Chan-ho, Park Jong-myeon, Lim Anna, Yoon Jeong-mi, children’s writer Lim Jeong-jin, traditional artist Lee Mi-young, national intangible cultural asset Kim Hye-gyeong, and Jeonnam intangible cultural asset Kim Jeong-hee are active as members.

  • K-Culture

    ArirangTV livestream 24h/24h

    You can watch Arirang TV here: ArirangTV

    Korean Cultural Center Brussels: https://www.facebook.com/koreanculturalcenterbrussels/

    “Cet arbuste à floraison hivernale” korean poetry [In French]: http://world.kbs.co.kr/service/contents_view.htm?lang=f&menu_cate=culture&id=&board_seq=434494&page=1&board_code=

    Poem by Caro Line [in French]  🌸  🌸  🌸 , link to her Facebook page

    Visit Korea: https://vr.visitkorea.or.kr/



Family search


DNA test

  • How to apply for a DNA test?
    The Korean government helps the Korean adoptees to find their birth families by organizing a DNA testing. This is free and can be performed in the Korean consulates worldwide. Some conditions: the adoptee must be still searching for his/her family and his/her adoption documents do not contain any other way to find the family (it …

Visa for adoptees

  • Visa for adoptees & Useful links:
    Embassy of Korea in Brussels: https://overseas.mofa.go.kr/be-en/index.do Procedure to get the Visa F-4 (for Adoptees): https://pafcoree.or.kr/2022/12/05/mon-actualite/ (information for France) F4 Visa is quite interesting for Adoptees, it is valid 5 years and is renewable. With this visa you can work and study, and it is easier to get than than student visa or working visa. Once …


  • KAB team

    The KAB team members are all volunteers and work for free to make the KAB association live, they are all honest and do not benefit from any advantage, each pays his membership fee.

    Frédérick Van Der Plassche – KAB President

    Frédérick Van Der Plassche – KAB President

    Frédérick is born in Seoul and was adopted in 1973 by a Belgian (Dutch speaking) family. Has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Speaks Dutch, French & English. Has a daughter (13 years old)

    Studied hotel management and now International Flight Attendant at Brussels Airlines

    His hobbies are sport, cooking, reading and traveling. 

    Has been to South Korea several times and has discovered the best food in South Korea.

    🎬 Interview of Frédérick (2 videos)

    Valérie Dangotte – KAB Vice-President

    Valérie Dangotte – KAB Vice-President

    Valérie is born in Daegu in 1971, aged 1 month old when she’s found and was adopted 5 months later by a Belgian family. Later her parents adopted 2 other Korean children.

    Speaks French, English & Dutch, and is legal assistant.

    Has 2 sons (30 years old and 27 years old).

    Her hobbies are watching Kdrama, listening to BTS’s songs (proud being an ARMY), traveling and being also the Vice-President of another non-profit organization which collects food from the supermarket and gives it to homeless and people in need. Is also group leader of another non-profit organization which helps disabled people.

    Takes Korean classes (twice a week) in King Sejong Institute.

    Came to Korea in 1998 (first time) with a program for Adoptees : YWCA, in 2017 (with her younger son), in April/May 2023 with some friends. Has already visited many Korean cities such as Seoul, Daegu, Busan, Jeju, Gyeongju, Jeonju, Andong

    Sarah Maréchal – KAB Public Relations

    Sarah Maréchal – KAB Public Relations

    Sarah is born in Busan and was adopted in 1973 by a Belgian family.

    Has Belgian-native older brother & sister.

    Speaks French, English & Dutch.

    Has 1 daughter (21 years old) & 1 son (18 years old)

    Began studying fashion design then set her sights on studying library science at a college of higher education, and art history (contemporary art) at the University of Brussels.
    Is an administrative assistant in a European institution in Brussels.
    Her hobbies are painting, music, literature, cinema, sports and travelling.
    Was in South Korea for the 1st time (Seoul and Busan) in April 2011 on the occasion of the annual International Conference of Korean Journalists, as a “special guest”.
    Discovered Korean cinema and Kdramas (which she is a fan of!) on long-haul flights, and Korean food thanks to the Shilla and Korea Market stores and Hana & Itaewon restaurants that have opened in the European capital.
    Playing the harp and learning the changgo (janggu), Korean drum, since a workshop was held at the Korean Cultural Center in March 2022.
    Took Korean culture courses at IHECS and Korean in 2021 with the King Sejong Institute, and has been taking private lessons with Ran Choi since 2022.

    🎬 Interview of Sarah

    Myriam Lefrancq – KAB Secretary

    Myriam Lefrancq – KAB Secretary

    “I was born in Seoul in 1975 and arrived in Belgium when I was 15 months old.

    I spent most of my childhood in the Dinant region and I now live in Brussels.

    Trained as a jurist, I now work in the social security sector.

    I was lucky enough to reunite with my biological family at the age of 30. I went to visit them in 2005 and 3 years later, my family came to Belgium for ten days. I thus found my two sisters, my two brothers and my dad (my mom having died when I was 2 months old).”

    Ran Choi – KAB Public Relations (Korean)

    Ran Choi – KAB Public Relations (Korean)

    Ran is KAB Public Relations (Korean), and is also Korean language teacher

    Sunwoo Potié – KAB Photographer

    Sunwoo Potié – KAB Photographer

    Sunwoo is KAB Photographer

    🎬 Interview of Sunwoo

    Maryse Josse – KAB Event Manager

    Maryse Josse – KAB Event Manager

    My Korean name is Hyun Ja Oh.

    I arrived in Belgium on December 26, 1976, at the age of 5 and a half.

    I was adopted into a Belgian-French family in Mons. It was only later, at the age of 51, that I started searching for my Korean roots. Perhaps it takes sufficient maturity to receive, accept, and forgive. At 52 years old (already!), I am in a relationship and have two daughters, aged 30 and 21. I work in the public service of Wallonia in project management.

    I am happy to volunteer with the KAB group because I find a sense of belonging to a community there. It allows me to share my experiences as an adoptee and reconcile with Korea.

    Helping other Koreans to go through the same journey has a deep meaning for me and helps me feel fulfilled.

    Michael Cheung – KAB IT Manager

    Michael Cheung – KAB IT Manager

    Michael is KAB IT Manager

    For Microsoft eligibility : supernosta@gmail.com .


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    Why are you a KAB member?

    " Very interested in Asia since childhood, and following my meeting with Johan, a former president of KOBEL, I felt drawn to my country. KAB allows you to meet friends and share experiences during activities "


    Frédérick Van Der Plassche


    Why are you a KAB member?

    " I am an expat living in Belgium. I joined the group to meet and to help others if possible and do cool activities with other people who love Korea "

    Public Relations
    and Korean teacher

    Ran Choi


    Why are you a KAB member?

    " Proud to be Belgian and of Korean origin, I want to promote Korean culture to Korean adoptees and (future) lovers of Korea through the meetings and activities that we are going to organize! "

    Public Relations

    Sarah Maréchal


    Why are you a KAB member?

    "I decided to get involved in the K-A-B association to create contacts and exchange with Koreans who have experienced the same journey as me, to better know my roots/culture and possibly help people who have not had my chance. to find their biological family."

    Myriam Lefrancq



    Why are you a KAB member?

    "I rediscovered Korea in 1989, and since then I have been hanging out with other adoptees. I support KAB and everything that is done to promote meetings."


    Why are you a KAB member?

    " I'm one of the oldest adopted in Belgium. My motivation at KAB is to bring two cultures together with a great team. We are ready to assist everyone with advice and action. "

    Vasco De Beukelaer

    Why are you a KAB member?

    "I joined the KAB group because I find a sense of belonging to a community where I can share my experiences as an adoptee and reconcile with Korea."

    Event Manager



    Why are you a KAB member?

    " This page is for all members. Put your text here, for example: I want to meet other adoptees "
    send us an email with your text and picture

    what you do

    Your name here

    @your work

    If you like what KAB does, and want to support us, please become a member, it costs only 25 EUR per year. Your membership fee is used to pay for the administrative costs of the association, and for the organization of events. KAB has strict rules for using the money responsibly.

    Members benefit from reductions during activities and discounts at our partners.

    Thank you for your support!



Some partners support us as well and offer to KAB members some discount, one more reason to become a KAB member! (first get membership, then when you come to one of our activities you will receive a member card)

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