How to apply for a DNA test?

The Korean government helps the Korean adoptees to find their birth families by organizing a DNA testing. This is free and can be performed in the Korean consulates worldwide.

Some conditions: the adoptee must be still searching for his/her family and his/her adoption documents do not contain any other way to find the family (it means that if your file contains a family name then you can find your family without DNA testing).

You can download the files here :

Fill-in the 2 documents in English + copy of your ID + child photo (optional) + copy of your adoption file (just 1 or 2 main pages). Send all to the email address

Note: in the field “Submit to” indicate “Embassy in Belgium”.

The NCRC agency will then inform you if you are eligible to do the DNA test and will inform the consulate you have choosen, the consulate will invite you to come to their office. The test takes 30 min, and people at the consulate usually speak French and Dutch.

If you have some difficulties to understand the procedure please come to any of the KAB events and someone of the KAB team will help you (we know several persons who already did it).

More info here :