Interview of Ran

Ran: “My French friend Camille who was my student interviewed me about my life in Europe.
The interview takes place entirely in Korean.
I put the French translation.
Camille lives in Korea to study Korean at the University of Ehwa and she will soon return to France. Soon it will be my turn to interview her to ask her how she studied Korean! Because she recently passed the TOPIK level 4!”

Adoption stories

“Au pays des enfants abandonnés”,

Un reportage de Camille Le Pomellec, Minju Song, Byoungsoo Kim, Colin Guillemant pour Hikari Presse diffusé dans “Envoyé spécial” le 1er juin 2023.

Korean adoptees returning to Korea

Korean adoptee reunites with her birth mother

Story of Kara Bos. This 36-year-old had to sue in order to be acknowledged by her biological father in South Korea. Her lawsuit could impact thousands.

South Korea’s cruel Adoption Industry | Korea adoptee’s interview

A mother searched her son for 48 years…

Interview of Frédérick Van Der Plassche (our KAB president)

First interview of Frédérick by AGnès Calvache in Feb 2022.

This video is in French and was published by AGnès Calvache in Feb 2022.
Disclaimer: this video was recorded before the start of the KAB, and mentions BAK which is the previous association before KAB.

Second interview [in French] of Frédérick by YTN (Korean TV) in April 2023

Second interview [in French] of Frédérick by YTN (Korean TV) in April 2023